Developing a corporate strategy for smart meter roll-out


A German utility company with nearly 1.2 million meters launched an initiative to put smart meters in every household. The implementation was designed to fulfil regulatory requirements but, also, the company wanted to coincide it with the centralisation of all tasks related to metering and smart metering in the parent company.

Our approach

PwC worked with the company to look at how smart metering could best be rolled out in the context of different customer needs in a liberalised market. We developed customer-specific business models for smart metering as well as defining the different organisational models that the company could develop for their implementation.

Alongside this, we supported the parent company in its discussions with subsidiaries with regard to the centralisation of tasks, as well as advising on the legal and technical implications of the existing regulatory requirements and the strategic options open to the company in fulfilling them.

Deliverables and client benefits

  • Evaluation of the relevant market sectors, including forecasts of the impact of competition on supplier and customer numbers.
  • Development of business models for combining the two market roles of energy supplier and smart meter operator.
  • Assessment and evaluation of the technological options available to the company in terms of meter infrastructure, communication infrastructure and IT systems.
  • Examination of the specific expected impact of a smart grid on electric mobility.
  • Evaluation of customer demands for new technological solutions such as electric vehicle charging and smart ome solutions and support for the development of products in response to these technological possibilities.
By providing a comprehensive approach, we contributed to the successful development of the company's smart metering strategy and helped create the framework for its successful implementation.