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With liberalisation of energy markets in Europe customer competition is now an established feature of utility retailing, placing an emphasis on sales, brand and product strategies. The cost of acquiring and serving customers is a key metric, not least as price is a significant component of customer decision-making. In Germany, PwC has been working with a large Berlin energy supplier to improve the process cost optimisation of its sales unit.


  • Analysis of the current situation and assess the competitive environment.
  • Conception of the target structures (processes, organisation, IT).
  • Implementation of the target structures.
  • Development of a performance measurement system for monitoring the effectiveness and sales pipeline.
  • Support for the implementation, training and ‘the next 20 days in operation.’


"Energy suppliers are very alive to the opportunities of liberalisation but also very conscious of the challenges. Competitive markets are not part of their history and many companies lack internal resources and expertise. In our successful optimisation of the sales unit of the Berlin energy supplier, we brought in our experience from other industries such as automotive. In addition, we supported the company in implementing the new optimised processes in the SAP CRM" (PwC).