Helping you get ahead: Global Power & Utilities Centre of Excellence statement of capabilities

Power and other utilities companies have changed dramatically in a very short space of time. Just a couple of decades ago, local or municipal footprints predominated. Today companies are international in ambition and, even those who remain focused on their home market, have to take their decisions in a global context.

The capital investment challenge in the sector is massive and is taking companies into new areas both in terms of technological possibility and engineering feasibility. Companies are anticipating a future with a much wider range of technologies and where the shape of the industry will be different. It’s not just the mix of generation that is changing but how it is optimised and what it is used for, as more people and technologies connect with the grid in smarter ways.

The role of electricity is expanding. It is already the power behind most applications in modern life and will become even more so if electric cars take hold as a common form of personal transport. The part that gas plays is also changing rapidly. The exploitation of many more sources of gas, including shale gas, is introducing a new era of gas, changing the economics of the liquefied natural gas market and enabling gas to assume the characteristics of a more truly global market.

This statement of our capabilities is intended to give you insight into our experience and the ways we can work together to get you further ahead. Always, our goal is to understand your needs and add value from our knowledge and expertise.