Enterprise asset management

In an era of high energy prices, the pressure on power and utility companies to deliver greater efficiency and operational effectiveness is greater than ever.

Higher input costs, stretched supply lines and the need to invest in expanded and diversified infrastructure are putting significant additional cost into the value chain.

But there are limits to how far costs can be passed on to end-users. This means that internal efficiency and performance are even more vital. Smart asset management is becoming increasingly important, especially at a time when so much infrastructure needs to be built. 

Developing new infrastructure has to run alongside the challenge of getting the most out of aging assets. Mature systems and software often add to the task. Maximising the value of both the new and the old is the name of the game. Companies need to balance cost effectiveness versus risk while developing regional and global structures. Sourcing, procurement and inventory management have to be of the highest order.

PwC can help you

  • Deliver operational excellence – We can help across a wide range of operational excellence initiatives, from the use of lean and six sigma techniques to manage costs and the supply chain to introducing learning from other sectors that can lead to breakthroughs that save time, improve quality, lower costs, and increase revenue.
  • Customer retention and growth – We can measure and improve the performance of your contact strategies and customer-facing systems and operations. We make sure you are maximising the effectiveness of your customer insight and pricing strategies. And help you prepare for the challenges of smart meter implementation which has the potential of being a ‘make or break’ moment for customers.
  • Improve financial and performance management – You can improve management information and prospective visibility through the alignment of financial, operational and regulatory metrics that drive accountabilities, decision support and operational execution. We help clients with planning and forecasting optimisation, CPM tool deployment, dashboards, scorecards and KPI development, change management and HR programmes.
  • Get the most from technology – We can help companies on the best approach to decisions on applications and sourcing. With companies becoming more and more regionalised across continents, we can help with rolling out technology on a region-wide basis. We can also help with the transformation and culture change challenges that come with new markets and operations.