Exploring reporting: What do investment professionals need from oil & gas company reporting?

In Exploring reporting we asked investment professionals in five capital markets for their views on the quality of reporting in the sector today and where they see scope to improve, their opinions on scope of assurance and their preferred channels of communications and the results identify some really clear opportunities for improvement. Highlights from the report include:

  • Investment professionals consider the annual report to be the bedrock of corporate reporting.
  • 87% of respondents see a link between the quality of a company's reporting and the quality of it's management.
  • In particular investment professionals see scope for improvements in reporting on of the 'measures that move markets', including cash costs, average realised prices, production volumes and reserves - and they want information to be provided more consistently across the sector.
  • Only 43% of investors and analysts we surveyed think that the 'measures that move the market' are sufficiently reliable.
  • Just over three-quarters (77%) of investors and analysts surveyed would gain comfort from knowing that non-GAAP measures adhered to some basic 'ground rules'.