7th Edition of Petroleum Accounting: Principles, Procedures, & Issues

The Professional Development Institute (PDI) have released the 7th Edition of Petroleum Accounting: Principles, Procedures, & Issues, an essential reference for all accounting and financial professionals and practitioners as well as investors in today’s global energy industry. The 7th Edition covers vital industry accounting and reporting practices and procedures; considers various changes and updates relative to the SEC, FASB, EITF, and the IRS; and deals with many recent developments affecting all energy professionals, including:

  • The SEC’s release regarding Modernization of Oil and Gas Reporting, and FASB’s compliance amendments;
  • FASB’s release of standards covering issues such as fair value and business combinations, all relative to oil and gas firms;
  • Explosive growth in unconventional oil and gas production methods;
  • Extreme fluctuation of oil and gas prices;
  • Regulations resulting from recent incidents affecting the environment; and
  • Political issues affecting the industry worldwide.

The 7th Edition has been expanded to include more than 600 pages, some 33 chapters, many germane appendices, enhanced graphics; and a comprehensive glossary and index.

Key Topics:

  • Business combinations;
  • Capitalized interest;
  • International standards impact;
  • Oil and gas impairments;
  • Asset retirement obligations;
  • Discontinued operations;
  • Producer/pipeline imbalances;
  • Oil and gas inventories; and
  • Oil and gas capitalization.

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