Extracting value: What do investment professionals need from mining company reporting?

PwC’s survey of investment professionals highlights clear areas for improvement and opportunities for management to set themselves apart.

Key findings of the survey include:

  • Investment professionals following companies in the mining sector tell us they do value corporate reporting.
  • They particularly want to hear about measures that populate their models and that move the market. Investors and analysts want not only to be able to access them easily, but also to have confidence in their reliability.
  • Investment professionals link the quality of a company’s reporting with the quality of that company’s management. The better the reporting, the better they perceive the management team to be.

So how can management improve the quality of their reporting to investment professionals? The survey suggests it can done by:

  • Providing key performance metrics clearly and consistently.
  • Making sure all messages delivered across reporting channels they control are consistent.
  • Thinking about the needs of investment professionals whenever they report on corporate performance.

Mining companies that take the lead in such ways can differentiate themselves from competitors, strengthening market confidence in their own quality as they do so.