Specialist profiles

Christoph Gruss - Frankfurt, Germany
+49 69 9585 3415, Email Christoph

Christoph Gruss is partner in the Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Group in Germany advising German and international companies on capital market transactions as well as advising on accounting advisory projects in the implementation of new IFRS standards. He founded the global Accounting Standards Change network after the issuance of IFRS 15 to focus on solutions for our clients implementing the new standards. He has over twenty years of experience in providing assurance and business advisory services.

Christoph gained extensive experience in the telecommunications, media and technology space. His focus are telecommunications and media companies. Over the years he advised many clients of different sizes, ranging from development stage companies to multinational global players. For several Telecom companies, he has been responsible for all capital markets activities and complex accounting topics of either IFRS and/or US GAAP. Christoph spend four years in the PwC Boston office to support clients with accounting service.

Peter Hogarth - London, United Kingdom
+44 (02) 7213 1654, Email Peter

Peter Hogarth is a partner in PwC Accounting Consulting Services group. He advises the firm and its clients on a wide range of financial reporting topics, dealing with both UK GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards. He is a principal author of the firm's Manual of Accounting and is closely involved with many of the firm's initiatives concerning the future direction of financial reporting. He also focuses on developing issues affecting the telecommunications and technology sectors.

Richard Veysey - London, United Kingdom
+44 20 7212 1060, Email Richard

Richard Veysey is a principal in the IFRS Accounting Advisory group based in the UK. From July 2008 – 2015 was based in NY and focused full time on helping US companies address the challenges relating to the IFRS conversion process. Richard has a wealth of experience assisting companies (primarily in the Technology, Media and Telecoms sectors) in dealing with complex accounting issues under IFRS and US GAAP. During his career with PwC, Richard has provided a range of consulting, advisory and assurance services to large multinational companies as they navigate the process of converting from local GAAP to IFRS - both in Europe and more recently in Korea, Canada and the USA as part of the current wave of IFRS transition.

Paul Barkus - London, United Kingdom
+44 20 7213 5514, Email Paul

Paul has specialised in telecoms since 1996 and has been a member of the TIAG since its inception. He has worked with fixed line and mobile operators in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia, responsible for assurance, due diligence, public offering and investigation engagements. He has direct industry experience, having spent a year on secondment as adviser to the board of a leading international operator. Paul was responsible for the firm's industry guidance on transition to IFRS and has written or edited a number of our subsequent publications, including the Making Sense of a Complex World series. He acts as a consultant to clients and PwC service teams across the world.

Mark King – London, United Kingdom
+44 207 804 6878, Email Mark

Mark King has over 25 years of experience working with listed multinational companies providing both audit and other services. Mark has considerable knowledge of UK listings, SEC, financial reporting, corporate governance and transaction work. In the telecoms sector Mark has worked with clients on financial reporting, SOX and transition to new IFRS accounting standards.

Matthieu Moussy - Paris, France
+33 1 56 57 86 30, Email Matthieu

Matthieu Moussy is an audit partner with PwC France in Paris. He specialises in telecom and has been a member of our Global Telecom Industry Accounting Group (TIAG) since 2002. Matthieu was on secondment in Tokyo from October 2007 - August 2011, leading audit engagements for foreign companies in Japan, and assisting Japanese multinational companies with their transition to IFRS. Before living in Tokyo, he spent three years focusing on IFRS as a Global Accounting and Consulting IFRS technical partner based in London and Paris. Matthieu also has a strong experience with large CAC 40 companies in France in the Telecom and Technology sectors. He has experience with IPOs and US public companies in the Technology sector from his time living in San Jose, CA. Matthieu is a French and US CPA.

Thomas Tandetzki - Düsseldorf, Germany
+49 211 981 1105, Email Thomas

Thomas Tandetzki is PwC’s Global Telecommunications Sector leader and has been a member of PwC's Telecom Industry Accounting Group (TIAG) since its inception.  He has been with PwC for over 24 years and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1998 and Certified Tax Advisor since 1997. Thomas is experienced in leading large global audits of publically listed companies, and in working with many fixed line and mobile operators. In particular, he advises clients on complex IFRS transitions and comprehensive control and accounting system harmonization projects.

Sebastian Heintges – Frankfurt, Germany
+49 69 9585 3220, Email

Sebastian Heintges is a partner at PwC in Frankfurt, Germany and works for PwC's Global Accounting Consultation Service. He is responsible for IFRS application, technical consultations of audit teams and clients on IFRS questions, and further accounting-related topics as well as first-time application and interpretation of new accounting standards especially IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers. His industry focus is on telecommunication.

Sebastian is a member of the Task Force "IFRS Rechnungslegung Deutscher Unternehmen" of the IDW and also works in a Task Force of the Deutsche Rechnungslegungs Standards Committee e.V. He is a frequent contributor to industry journals and participates in public speaking on IFRS and IPSAS topics. 

Fernand Izeboud - The Hague, Netherlands
+31 0 70 342 655, Email Fernand

Fernand Izeboud has served communications companies since 1993. Fernand leads multi-disciplinary service teams with a focus on complex internal control issues and financial reporting in multi-GAAP environments and in situations of change, including Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, GAAP conversion, regulatory reporting, IPOs, acquisitions and spin-offs. He is currently the lead client service partner for an incumbent telecommunications company. Fernand leads our communications companies practice in The Netherlands, grouping specialists from all disciplines in the Firm. He is a frequent speaker on conferences and has authored many articles on accounting and auditing of communications companies, including the Dutch Auditor's handbook section on telecommunications.

Vanesa González Prieto - Madrid, Spain
+34 915 684 826, Email Vanesa

Vanesa González Prieto is a partner in the Madrid office and has more than fifteen years of experience in the audit practice at PwC. She is focused on Telecom, Technology, and Entertainment clients with international experience gained working in the UK. She has broad experience on industry clients, SOX work and controls, IFRS Conversion, IPO processes and debt offerings. 

Vanesa is a member of the Spanish Institute of Chartered Accountants (ROAC); she has been an audit lecturer and speaker at numerous Telecoms Events. She is a member of the PwC Telecom Industries Accounting Group (TIAG).

Radomil Masklak - Warsaw, Poland
+48 22 746 4223, Email Radomił

Radomił Maślak is a director in the PwC Poland office with the Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS) team. Radomil has over 19 years of experience in audit and accounting advisory. His experience includes accounting advice related to IFRS first-time adoption, implementation of new IFRS standards and application of IFRS for complex transactions. He has led numerous projects relating to improvement of financial reporting processes and implementation of accounting tools.

He has significant experience in telecommunication sector, which includes different accounting advisory projects for all major telco operators in Poland. Radomil leads IFRS 15 accounting advisory initiative in PwC network in CEE region. He is a member of ACCA and has been a speaker at numerous telecoms events.

Gabor Balazs - Hungary
+36 1 461 9534, Email Gabor

Gábor Balazs is a partner at PwC Hungary and a member of PwC's regional global Accounting Consulting Services (ACS) team. He also leads the firm’s Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS) team in 29 countries in CEE/CIS, providing IFRS advice to large IFRS clients in the region. As part of his regional responsibilities, Gabor is also the reviewer of the PwC IFRS Manual of Accounting. Gábor is the lead telecommunication IFRS expert in the region, advising audit teams and clients on IFRS matters and ensuring high quality and consistency of IFRS financial statements.

Gábor is also the leader of the PwC Academy in Hungary, and an experienced trainer. Gábor has instructed on over 40 different training events in the past few years to major telco clients in Hungary and in several other countries from Czech Republic to Mongolia. 

Helen Wise - Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 (11) 797 5293, Email Helen

Helen Wise is a partner in PwC South Africa. She is an accredited member of the Firm's global accounting consulting services. She has extensive experience on the practical application of IFRS and the key issues under IFRS which many local and international companies are facing. Helen was appointed as the technical partner directly to the key clients of the local Firm which include a variety of media and telecommunications clients. As a result she has a comprehensive understanding of the accounting issues faced by telecommunication companies.

Rosalie Wilkie - Sydney, Australia
+61 (2) 8266 8381, Email Rosalie

Rosalie Wilkie is a partner in the assurance practice of the Sydney office. She has lead a number of consulting, due diligence, IPO and audit assignments, both locally and in Asia and the US. Rosalie is able to provide insight into all aspects of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) having spent time advising PwC’s partners and managers while seconded to our Global Accounting Consulting Services group. Rosalie is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and is a registered company auditor.

George Cheng - Hong Kong
+852 2289 2602, Email George

George Cheng is an Assurance partner in Hong Kong and has 20 years of experience in auditing companies in the telecommunications industry. In particular, he has extensive experience in the telco clients operating in the emerging markets in the AsiaPac region. He advises companies on accounting, internal control, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and capital markets transactions.

Akhlesh Chowla - Mumbai, India
+ 91 (22) 6669 1216, Email Akhlesh

Akhlesh Chowla has almost twenty years of work experience in the Asia Pacific region in assurance and business advisory services including nearly six years of work experience in Singapore. The majority of his work experience has been focused on the telecommunication industry. Akhlesh has extensive experience in IFRS and US GAAP and handling audits of large and multinational companies. Akhlesh also has experience in M&A transaction support and has led large due diligence projects in the Asia Pacific Region. He is a Chartered Accountant, Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and a Certified Public Accountant in Singapore.

Shaun Goldfarb - Chicago, Illinois, United States
+1 (312) 298 2778, Email Shaun

Shaun Goldfarb has many years of experience in PwC's Technology, Media & Communications sector. He provides audit and accounting services to Fortune 500 and other large accelerated filers within the sector. His industry experience has been focused on companies in the technology/software, Internet, media and telecom / utilities industries, as well as high growth, pre or newly public, technology companies. Shaun also has significant experience with IPOs, secondary offerings, acquisitions, complex accounting issue analysis, SEC financial reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) design and implementation, as well as US GAAP accounting expertise.

Shaun is a member of the AICPA. He has worked in Atlanta, Madrid, Washington DC and Chicago. Shaun completed an international assignment in Madrid, Spain serving PwC's largest technology clients, which has developed his international network of contacts.

John Simcoe - Toronto, Canada
+1 416 727 5953, Email John

John Simcoe is PwC Canada’s Entertainment, Media & Communications (EMC) Audit and Assurance Leader. In this role, John works with partners and staff on a cross line of service basis to grow the audit and assurance practice and deliver top quality audits within EMC. As an Audit and Assurance partner John has an extensive experience serving clients that are both publicly listed on Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges and privately owned.

Geoff Leverton - Toronto, Canada
+1 (416) 815-5053, Email Geoff

Geoff Leverton works in Toronto and the leader of the PwC Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS) team. He has more than twelve years’ international experience assisting companies with their capital-raising activities and financial reporting obligations, including IFRS, US GAAP, OSC and SEC reporting. His experience on complex accounting and regulatory issues includes carve out and divestiture, purchase accounting, revenue recognition, re-structuring and impairment accounting, income taxes and stock-based compensation.

Geoff has worked in London serving UK and European-based clients engaged in cross-border transactions requiring carve out financial information or GAAP conversion. He also spent over three years in Tokyo, Japan working with some of the largest companies on cross-border transactions, external financial reporting and GAAP conversions.