Communications Review: The complete series

Communications Review: Leading from the front: Redesigning the Finance function to support the digital telco of the future


How to redesign the Finance function to support the digital telco of the future.

Communications Review: Network operators making the most of the IoT


Why making the most of the IoT opportunity means looking beyond the network and leveraging other assets – like your OSS and BSS.

Communications Review - Building a data quality competency


Building a data quality competency in today’s digitised communications operator: not an option – but a business imperative.

IFRS15: An accounting change with profound impacts for communications operators–from the P&L to operations, pricing and marketing


The IFRS15 accounting standard on revenue recognition brings profound implications for communications companies’ operations.

Communications Review – Keystone behaviours: How communications operators can turn their culture into a driver of digital transformation


Transforming into a digital business is the most pressing challenge facing communications operators—yet organisational cultures are often perceived as barriers to change.

‘Zero infrastructure – anything-as-a-service’: How CSPs can harness the full power of the cloud


A PwC article on how and why cloud is rapidly becoming the new core delivery model for provisioning business technology across leading CSPs' operations.

Opting in: How to win employee partners in mobile data analytics


A PwC article on the potential value of collecting data from employees and how to ensure they are willing participants.

Owning the Connected Home: Customer experience as the ultimate differentiator


A PwC article on business models for connected home services, why telcos and MSOs should offer them, and why customer experience is the key to success.

As telcos go digital, cybersecurity risks intensify


As telecoms pivot toward a more digital future, they will very likely encounter entirely new types of cybersecurity risks to data and applications.

Are Wi-Fi and 4G LTE on a collision course?


Mobile operators are facing a threat to their revenues as a result of Wi-Fi becoming ubiquitous. But with carrier-grade Wi-Fi, they have an opportunity to close coverage problems and give users a more managed experience.