Communications Review: The complete series

Communications Review: New accounting standards


There will be a triple-whammy of accounting changes taking place within a mere two years, and bringing major implications for telcos.

Communications Review: CEO succession in telcos


High turnover and dismissal rates reflect the industry’s hunger for consumer-savvy leadership from outside.

Communications Review: Simplify, digitize, consolidate — or else. The new paradigm for telecoms


Achieving true digital maturity will be anything but simple. Learn how to form your digital strategy.

Communications Review - The software-defined carrier


How to expand SDN/NFV across the entire enterprise—first into the IT and data centre network, and then into the wider business.

Communications Review: Leading from the front: Redesigning the Finance function to support the digital telco of the future


How to redesign the Finance function to support the digital telco of the future.

Communications Review: Network operators making the most of the IoT


Why making the most of the IoT opportunity means looking beyond the network and leveraging other assets – like your OSS and BSS.

Communications Review - Building a data quality competency


Building a data quality competency in today’s digitised communications operator: not an option – but a business imperative.

IFRS15: An accounting change with profound impacts for communications operators–from the P&L to operations, pricing and marketing


The IFRS15 accounting standard on revenue recognition brings profound implications for communications companies’ operations.

Communications Review – Keystone behaviours: How communications operators can turn their culture into a driver of digital transformation


Transforming into a digital business is the most pressing challenge facing communications operators—yet organisational cultures are often perceived as barriers to change.

‘Zero infrastructure – anything-as-a-service’: How CSPs can harness the full power of the cloud


A PwC article on how and why cloud is rapidly becoming the new core delivery model for provisioning business technology across leading CSPs' operations.