Communications Review: Going further

Communications review
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It is clear is that the continually changing environment of our industry demands that we constantly challenge, renew and improve our ideas and activities across the business. So for this issue of Communications Review we chose the theme ‘Going further’.

Our first article looks at how many operators are starting to use small cells to enhance the capacity and coverage of mobile networks. In our second article, we address one of the biggest issues facing the telecom industry: the need for massive capital investment in network capacity and upgrades. Our third article explores the intensifying battle to monetise digital media in emerging markets. In our fourth article, we discuss why the revenue assurance function is at an important crossroads.

And, finally, in our Perspectives section, we interview Verizon’s CFO, Fran Shammo, who talks about Verizon’s plans to keep building on its achievements and taking the company’s evolution even further.