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As cloud computing moves into the business mainstream and sees rising adoption across all industries, leading global communication service providers (CSPs)—including wireline, wireless, cable, and other/integrated communications carriers—are increasingly seeking to harness the power of the cloud in their operating models. Cloud’s combination of cost benefits, scalability, manageability and agility can create an advantage for CSPs who are facing the challenges of an increasingly competitive communications ecosystem. As a result, cloud is rapidly becoming the new core delivery model for provisioning business technology across a CSP’s operations, with the aspiration to achieve an IT footprint based on ‘zero infrastructure – anything-as-a-service’. To help CSPs turn this aspiration into reality, we’ve developed a framework for a cloud-centric operating model that fulfills their industry-specific IT and business imperatives.

In the January issue of Communications Review we present, 'Zero infrastructure -- anything as a service': How CSPs can harness the full power of the cloud, which outlines the key components of our cloud-centric operating model framework and how CSPs can successfully implement it. I hope you enjoy the article and encourage you to check back each month for the latest issue of Communications Review.


Thomas Tandetzki
Global Communications industry leader

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