Corporate social responsibility

Today, we hear the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) all the time - and understand that businesses cannot afford to ignore their responsibilities to society as a whole. For companies, CSR is about recognising the needs of their stakeholders in the broadest sense, understanding the risks and opportunities those needs create, and responding to the needs publicly and consistently.

In practice, companies must identify and work to improve their impact on the environment, their people, the marketplace and the wider community. But while the direct social and environmental impact of some industries, such as oil and gas, is relatively clear, it is less self-evident to companies in the communications industry. As a communications provider, what should you focus on to understand and meet your responsibilities? And how can you reap the optimal benefits of CSR for your business and your stakeholders?

How PwC can help

Every communications operator’s situation is unique. PwC’s deep experience with industry clients worldwide, however, enables us to develop an holistic, straightforward, coherent and consistent approach to creating a CSR strategy. We create, and deploy, only CSR strategies that are not separate from but truly part of the core strategy of your business - in both managing risk and driving value.