Ruthless capex decision making

PwC bring new tools that can assist telecom operators to quickly make clearer choices, and link specific actions to investor returns. We regularly identify 10-40% of capex that can be re-directed towards growth initiatives. Here’s how:

Making clearer choices PwC opens the black box of capex and by linking products to assets. We show how investment options can be separated into independent choices allowing executive teams to make clearer tradeoffs based on a multiyear appraisal of end-to-end costs.

Actionable insights All network and technology investments need to be justified by rigorous and robust commercial rationale. PwC can help you build a capex planning tool that allows all investments to be modelled, planned and – crucially – compared using a consistent approach with common denominators.

Link to investor returns PwC’s capex programme enables telecoms operators to identify good versus bad capex. Operators can focus ruthlessly culling value-destructive investments while making larger, continuous investments in priorities, underpinned by new data into the metrics which drive Investor Returns.