Managing tax compliance

With the increasing focus on governance and regulation, tax compliance has never been as important. A compliance failure not only represents a financial risk — in terms of financial penalties and a possible increase in the tax charge — but also a serious business risk as it can inflict severe damage on an organisation’s reputation.

Multinational chemical manufacturers need to be able to manage multi-territory compliance requirements and keep abreast of changes in local legislation — even as they face additional pressures such as a lack of resources or the need to control costs. But quick and easy access to compliance information in each individual location, for reporting and planning purposes, is not easily achieved. There are also costs and risks involved in building and maintaining in-house compliance processes and technology.

How PwC can help you

PwC can provide your company with efficient preparation, completion and review of its direct and indirect tax returns. And our strong global network of tax professionals can offer you specialised support and advice as necessary throughout the process. Our tax compliance preparation processes are based on a thorough understanding of the latest tax law and practice. An effective combination of people, processes, and technology allows us to coordinate your tax compliance requirements on a multi-territory basis, in as many countries as you require, providing you with assurance that your tax compliance processes around the world are under control.