Chemical compounds: First-quarter 2015 chemical industry mergers and acquisitions analysis


M&A activity in the chemicals industry remained steady in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same period last year.

Using innovation to drive sustainable growth in the chemicals industry


This PwC report explains why innovation in the chemicals industry is so important because it helps chemicals companies address their customers’ challenges and creates competitive advantage.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)


Sector insights: what is driving climate change action in the world’s largest companies?

Sourcing and logistics in China: Costs, processes and strategies of German companies procuring in the Chinese market


PwC carried out a study in collaboration with the BME (the German association for materials management, purchasing and logistics) which was published in mid-March 2008. We have now produced an English summary which presents the most significant results of the research and includes commentary around the most significant results and implications thereof for companies in the manufacturing and chemicals sectors.