The “new normal” for airport investment

Airlines and airports today are looking at an uncertain future. This world of uncertainty is the “new normal” explored in PwC's report, The “new normal” for airport investment. It explains why ─ instead of planning for a new phase of constant straight line growth ─ investors will need to adjust their strategies to ink the best deals in the “new normal”.

They will need to understand what government stakeholders want to get out of an airport; how to reduce costs and develop new business in an age of uncertainty and resource constraints; and explore opportunities arising in emerging markets’ aviation sectors.

The good news is that, despite the worldwide economic downturn, most airports are still making money. By understanding the new landscape, investors can identify the most promising of those opportunities, manage the risks, and shorten the odds of gaining the best returns.

In this report we guide sector players with strategies for operating within this new set of conditions.