Building a new future

Brazil is on the fast track to realising more of its vast potential. The Brazilian economy is projected to grow at 7%-8% annually over the coming years.

With the spotlight on the country thanks to the FIFA™ World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, infrastructure spending will be critical in the period ahead to support growing demand for roads, rail, mass transit, ports and airports. Economists have estimated the need at hundreds of billions of dollars.

BNDES (the Brazilian Development Bank), which provides significant support to infrastructure investment, disbursed $BRL 47 billion through November 2010. This, however, leaves an investment gap that will need to be met through other means. A country that has historically had tremendous government support for infrastructure development is now looking to alternative sources to meet growing demand.

In addition, with a short time-frame before two of the world's greatest sporting competitions descend on Brazil, effective program management and implementation are key to ensuring completion of pivotal infrastructure projects in the coming years.