Re-inventing the wheel: Scenarios for the transformation of the automotive industry

Global megatrends and disruptions are shaking up nearly every aspect of the automotive industry. Key megatrends such as demographic change, resource scarcity and climate change, urbanisation and a global shift in regional economic power are having a significant impact on everything from talent management and production models to regulation.

PwC’s work on transformation maps how megatrends may affect five important areas, providing an overview of the disruption dimensions shaping the automotive industry’s future. In this short paper, we’ve focused our attention on some potential future market scenarios, based on the possible impacts of two of the industry’s critical uncertainties:

  • The future of personal mobility is no longer clear – will individual use or shared mobility shape the future automotive market?
  • Regulation and politics could have a profound impact on the industry’s direction – but which way will it go?

The purpose of this paper is to inform your strategic decision making. You can use these scenarios to think through where you want to be in the future, compare it with where you are today, and consider what that means for making strategy and business design decisions now.