Looking ahead: Driving co-creation in the auto industry

While automotive companies develop products and technology to meet consumer demands in an ever changing market, co-creation methods can provide outlets to engage customers, dealers, employees and suppliers. Social media avenues are taking collaboration to the next level, allowing companies to join forces and virtually interact with all of their stakeholders. From product design, development of new vehicle sales, brand promotion, and collaboration with dealers, co-creation fosters true multi-directional collaboration among customers, suppliers, dealers, service and support organizations, and internally among employees. Those companies who adopt this method will be able to enhance their products and gain a competitive advantage within the marketplace.

The report reviews various co-creation opportunities and trends throughout the market, including:

  • Enterprise co-creation
  • Co-creation for new product design concepts
  • Co-creation to market products and enhance the brand
  • Increase effectiveness of corporate social responsibility programs
  • Enhancing relationships between OEMs and their suppliers
  • Building strong relationships with dealers
  • Internal collaboration and employee innovations

The report “Looking forward: Driving co-creation in the auto industry” is only an introduction of our insights and observations. We can help our clients give stakeholders more active and direct reasonability in planning, innovation, operations, and delivery. PwC’s Management Consulting group can work with your organization to explore how co-creation can propel your business to the next level in various ways:

  • Enterprise Co-Creation Assessment
  • Customer Experience Co-Creation
  • Supply Chain Co-Creation
  • Product and service Co-Creation
  • Public-Sector and Multi-Stakeholder Policy Co-Creation
  • New Business, Ecosystem, and Business Model Co-Creation
  • Business Interaction Redesign