Driving Value: 2013 Automotive M&A Insights

Driving Value: 2013 Automotive M&A Insights Overview

Today’s companies still face a roadblock in terms of long-term growth; however, we believe the automotive sector is on an upward recovery, gearing up now to drive future growth. Automotive, along with the world at large, is changing at a fast pace. Never before has evolution occurred in such short periods of time. We see several emerging megatrends combining their collective pervasiveness to impact and influence the future of M&A activity—each of which are discussed in the following pages, and each of which, along with its corresponding considerations, has the potential to drive M&A activity for global sector participants— ranging from raw material procurement to final assembly.

To stay ahead of the pace of change and remain relevant in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, companies must collaborate across the automotive network to anticipate any barriers on the horizon and plan in advance how best to topple them. In all likelihood, the strategies emerging from these collaborative planning sessions will involve M&A transactions.

We are pleased to present Driving Value: 2013 Automotive M&A nsights, PwC's annual review of mergers and acquisitions activity and key trends within the global automotive industry. This publication explores global automotive transactions and key trends within the global automotive sector, including:

  • The status of global automotive deal activity among vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, financiers, and other related sectors
  • Key trends that impacted the deal market
  • Transaction activity by sector and region

Our perspective on the road ahead

This latest edition of Automotive M&A Insights is meant to serve only as a preface to the insights and observations that we can provide to drive successful transactions. M&A leaders in the automotive and financial sectors frequently turn to us for advice on potential transactions and the strategies underpinning those deals. Your feedback is important to us, and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with a deeper look into any of these topics that may be of benefit to your organisation.

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