Charging forward: PwC’s 2012 electric vehicle study
Lead Statistic: The G8 has set a goal to reduce global emissions 50% by 2050

The second annual edition of the survey looks at the ability and the willingness of global automotive suppliers to acquire other suppliers. This edition surveyed 200 participants from 34 countries representing automotive, utilities, energy, technology, government, finance, and education sectors. Selected results have been included. The survey focuses on the following four key areas:

  • Infrastructure
  • Pricing
  • Geography
  • Outlook on the success of EVs

This latest edition of the electric vehicle study is only an introduction of our insight and observations about the automotive industry. Our clients in the automotive sector frequently seek our advice about key market developments and technology trends, strategic acquisitions, and outlook on the industry. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with:

  • Detailed information on key findings
  • Outlook on industry trends and leading practices
  • Develop roadmaps for strategic acquisition opportunities
  • Expertise on determining factors for success