Industry regulation - Climate change and the sustainability agenda

Environmental regulations including the EU-Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) are adding to the overall burden of regulation and compliance on the CEO agenda. With phase 2 of the ETS bringing tougher carbon targets for many industrials, international product competitiveness will continue to be an issue for companies manufacturing within the EU, while carbon regulation continues to grow in other regions including Russia, the US, Japan and Australia. The carbon agenda offers business opportunities in carbon trading, CDM projects, and acts as a value driver in many transactions. Strategic use of carbon markets through carbon offsetting and positive positioning of the industry as a contributor to a more energy efficient world can turn a regulatory burden into a long term revenue generating opportunity.

Additionally, many industrial companies are concerned with reputation management as environmental and occupational health and safety issues continue to have a high profile in the media and public eye. Taking a positive approach to increasing regulation around waste management and product reuse and recycling also offers an opportunity to become a brand leader in sustainability.

How PwC can help you

PwC has been providing professional services on sustainability and climate change issues for many years and can help you to take a strategic approach to the whole sustainability agenda. With emissions trading specialists in 40 countries worldwide, PwC is one of the biggest and most talked-to climate change practices. We offer an integrated approach to climate change, enabling our clients to consider the implications across the full context of their corporate activities. Whether it concerns benchmarking best practices, structuring and advising on projects or optimising revenue-generating opportunities, we are able to draw on a large pool of interdisciplinary specialists with an excellent pedigree in the environmental consulting and corporate finance areas.