Issue 1, 2010

World Watch ()

This edition of our governance and corporate reporting magazine includes 36 pages of news and views from around the world. Refer to full contents on inside front cover (pdf below).

Governance hot topics include:

  • G-20 action on global governance for growth
  • Supervision of EU financial markets
  • King III steers a new direction
  • UK Bribery Bill has global reach
  • Walker feeds into code refresh
  • NEDs: navigating the challenges
  • CEO survey: smarter course for growth

Financial reporting hot topics include:

  • CESR finds room for improvement
  • IFRS 9 tackles financial assets
  • Investors call for improved reporting
  • Review of accounting directives to help decide future for SMEs
  • Trustees near completion of Constitutional Review
  • Where do we stand on financial instruments?
  • Taxing times ahead

Assurance hot topics include:

  • The audit debate heats up
  • Push for sustainability assurance standards
  • Assurance for greenhouse gas statements
  • Boost to Thai audit quality
  • UK consultation on auditor independence
  • Rethinking the audit

Broader reporting hot topics include:

  • Getting easier to pay tax
  • Copenhagen: 'help or hindrance'?
  • UK awards reward good practice
  • FEE calls for rigorous carbon reporting
  • Green technology gets a boost in China
  • Are you in touch with the human capital dimension?
  • Trust me, I'm an annual report

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