IFRS student manual 2010

This book is based on the popular and well established global guide to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), 'Manual of accounting - IFRS 2010', written by PwC's Global Accounting Consulting Services team. The ‘IFRS student manual 2010' is designed as a practical guide to the requirements of IFRS for researchers, teachers, students and those studying for professional exams.

This 950-page guide explains the IFRS standards and interpretations in issue at January 2010, including worked examples and illustrations from real IFRS company accounts. Readers will benefit from the extensive experience and professional judgement of this leading accountancy firm.

The IFRS student manual 2010 follows the approach of:

  • introducing a topic;
  • outlining all the main IFRS requirements;
  • giving explanations;
  • providing numerical and other examples; and
  • including illustrations from real company IFRS reports.

Pricing and order details

The book is priced at £38 plus postage and packaging (p&p). Order hard copies online.