Essential guide to international accounting - IFRS summaries

Essential guide to international accounting

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‘Essential guide to international accounting’ is a compendium of PwC’s IFRS topic home pages, which include key information on each of the major accounting topic areas. The IFRS home pages are written by PwC’s Accounting Consulting Services team, which has compiled all the essential information to provide you with:
  • Quick access to key information about each subject in one place.
  • Topics presented in alphabetical order for ease of reference.
  • An easy way of getting to grips with a topic.
  • An understanding of the latest developments that impact each subject.
Each home page contains the following sections:
  • Overview – brief explanation of the topic.
  • Resources – list of relevant external source materials and PwC guidance.
  • Summary of key requirements – explanation of the current requirements, with paragraph references to the relevant standard.
Executives, accountants, legal practitioners, company administrators, financial advisers, auditors and academics may find this guide a valuable reference tool. This publication can be used in conjunction with the online version on PwC’s Inform website, which is continually being updated as the topics develop.

This publication is now available as an ebook from Amazon and iTunes. PwC staff should refer to the internal guidelines for downloading ebooks (UK staff should follow this guidance).

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