International assignment perspectives: Volume 2

The world around us is changing at an unrelenting pace–in everything from the economy to the environment. In light of this uncertain business environment, it is the people in your organisation that can make the difference between a business that fails and one that thrives.

Today we must look past our own borders for business leaders with the skills and knowledge to efficiently and effectively manage talent. Unfortunately, mobility issues affect an organisation's ability to manage their international workforce effectively. Multinational organisations need to be knowledgeable and capable of addressing the challenges that await their globally mobile workforce in order to stay on top of the fiercely competitive market for global talent.

International assignment perspectives: Volume 2 is a collection of thought leadership articles that explore current issues requiring the attention of today's HR leaders and tax directors who manage a globally mobile workforce. The journal offers fresh perspectives on a number of topics affecting multinational companies, including:

  • Tax equalisation
  • Multi-state reporting requirements
  • International equity compensation and compliance
  • The devaluation of the American dollar
  • Expansion into new territories with specific focus on navigating the uncharted waters of Africa