International assignment perspectives: Volume 3

In an effort to ride out the current economic storm, many multinationals are reviewing their day-to-day operations, programmes and processes in an effort to find short-term cost savings. As a result, many international assignment programmes have come under scrutiny.

At the same time, however, globalisation remains one of the most persistent trends, and business growth in emerging markets shows no signs of slowing down.

In a turbulent, push-pull environment such as this one, the critical factor may well be your people. When contemplating making changes to your global mobility programme, therefore, it is essential to weigh all the factors—and in particular to evaluate how short-term, cost-driven adjustments might affect your company's ability to maintain a competitive edge and alignment with your global business objectives over the long term.

To help you understand these and some of the other vitally important issues facing today's globally mobile workforce, PwC's International Assignment Services practice has published the third edition of its thought leadership journal, International assignment perspectives. In this edition, our global mobility consulting professionals cover critical and timely topics, such as:

  • Managing mobility in a downturn
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Equity-based compensation in Asia
  • Corporate acquisition
  • Data privacy
  • IRS and FRC initiatives
  • Significant tax law changes from calendar year 2008