Expectation vs. reality

Most patients surveyed say mHealth will improve their healthcare, and most doctors think widespread adoption in their countries is inevitable in the near future. Experts, while convinced it will be an important part of care provision, expect adoption to take time.

mHealth: What do patients think?

Roughly half of patients surveyed expect mHealth to change their healthcare experience and improve the cost, quality and convenience of their healthcare in the next three years.

To what extent do you expect mHealth applications and services will improve the following in the next three years?

  • How I seek information on health issues
  • How healthcare providers or services send me general healthcare information
  • How I manage my overall health (eg, track my weight and exercise)
  • How I measure and share my vital health information (eg, heart rate, blood glucose)
  • How I manage my medication
  • How I manage any chronic conditions that I have
  • How my healthcare providers and I communicate about my overall health or chronic condition
  • How my healthcare providers monitor my condition and my compliance with directions
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