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Explore our library of thought-provoking insights—written by thought leaders at PwC and in academia, and organised around breaking themes—on one of today’s most critical strategic issues.

What motivates your CEO over the long term: Shareholder or social value?
How many chief executives want to create a socially valuable legacy? And how many of those can balance such longer-term priorities with the urgent demands of their investors and shareholders? This juggling act is hard to pull off — even for the minority of CEOs surveyed who desire this legacy.

Social listening: How market sensing trumps market research
Customers don’t always tell you what they really think. And they might not even know what they need from you. But they are sure to voice their opinions on social media. In a competitive landscape that’s increasingly being shaped by social media, you ignore valuable consumer data at your peril.

The changing consumer: An ever-more elusive target
A company’s existence depends on them: but how deeply do CEOs understand the shifting priorities and perceptions of their customers, across cultures and geographies?

The promise, peril and real payback of Big Data
Companies are grappling with the multitude of privacy regulations, self-regulation policies, and consumer expectations placed on them to protect consumer data privacy. Mishandling your consumers’ personal data risks damaging your reputation as well as your bottom line. No wonder companies are uncertain about where the Big Data opportunities and risks lie. The solution is to view the issue strategically — not just through just a compliance lens but also through a lens of opportunity and trust.

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Is Treasury the hidden jewel in resilience planning?

If it helps secure alternative sources of funding and liquidity, or illuminates financial risks ahead of time, we say just maybe it is.

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