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Resilience insights

Explore our library of thought-provoking insights—written by thought leaders at PwC and in academia, and organised around breaking themes—on one of today’s most critical strategic issues.

18th Annual CEO Survey: Building a risk-resilient organisation
In the current (and likely foreseeable) environment of rapidly shifting and often disruptive trends, enterprise resilience entails not only preparing for risk, but capitalizing on the opportunity that often accompanies it.

Quality healthcare for all: Starting from a strong base
Global spending on healthcare totals US $7 trillion and could double by the next decade. Staggering as those figures are, they could jump even higher. There’s a big market– 4 billion, roughly – for health services that’s still largely underserved. It’s the base of the pyramid (BoP), about two-thirds of the global population.

Supplier Scorecards: Measuring supplier performance
You know your suppliers have an impact on your business. But which ones? And how? Scorecards can help you measure supplier risks - and may even prevent crises before they happen.

The surprising truth about the C-Suite star of 2025
The business environment in 2025 is not going to get less risky or less complex. That’s why tomorrow’s Chief Compliance Officer will play an increasingly critical role in helping the CEO and board set strategy — and take the right risks.

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Crises happen, are you prepared?

The incidence of crises is rising. So is the impact of crises on organisations. When a crisis hits your organisation, how will you find out about it as a board member? Through employees, customers, or maybe virally through social media?

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