Our people: Proud to be at PwC

As PwC’s new Global Human Capital Leader, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to lead our global people strategy. On the next few pages, we highlight just a few of the many examples that showcase our people.

As I reflect on our many accomplishments last year, there is so much to be proud of. Our global headcount is at an all-time high, with more than 195,000 partners and staff across all lines of service. As of 1 July 2014, 25% of new partners are female, which is the highest percentage we have ever seen.

We have made progress with our people agenda. Specifically, we experienced the highest Global People Survey response across the network and our employee engagement score held steady at 73%.

The ‘PwC Professional’ reaches out around the world

Our focus in FY 2015 continues to be on attracting, nurturing and developing our people. The PwC Professional – our new framework for defining and encouraging leadership at all levels – is playing a significant role in changing the way our people think, learn and develop together while at PwC.

The PwC Professional leadership framework describes who we need to be and the behaviours we need to adopt in order to meet the expectations of our clients, colleagues and communities in today’s changing global marketplace. As PwC professionals, it is important for our people to influence others constructively within and beyond PwC, by demonstrating different forms of leadership at various stages of their careers.

Within the PwC Professional framework, there are five attributes: whole leadership – the ability to lead to make a difference and deliver results; the ability to build genuine, trust-based relationships; business acumen and technical capabilities, which create value for clients and PwC; and global acumen, transcending boundaries of geography, politics, race and culture. The combination of these attributes aims to help our people bring their best self to work – and to inspire their colleagues and clients to do the same.

Enabling our people’s development

Our people are learning all the time. To support their ongoing development, we are continuing to make our learning services and mobile learning platforms accessible to our people, with content that is meaningful and relevant.

In the second half of FY 2014, PwC provided on-demand eLearning support services in 157 countries. Our global mobile learning continues to help our people develop and gain support for their performance, whenever and wherever they need it – at their convenience. Platforms such as IQ, which offers eLearning modules via smartphones and tablets, are making training even more accessible – in FY 2014 we saw an increase in adoption of IQ across the network. We also saw a 17% increase in total training hours amongst our people.

The Digital Learning Academy is another enabler of our global development strategy, providing ongoing development to our learning and development professionals specifically, through formal learning solutions, coaching and on-the-job support.

With digital transformation changing the business landscape globally, our focus continues to be on innovating our digital learning.

Proud to be at PwC

As we continue to demonstrate the behaviours of the PwC Professional globally, we are confident that we will continue to achieve results, including an increase in our people engagement, strong brand health and added value for our clients and communities.

Already we are seeing progress, with our latest Global People Survey showing that 81% of our people are proud to work at PwC. As part of our global mobility long-term programme, we currently have 2,420 people on overseas postings and 1,113 new starters in FY 2014, adding to the strength of our global acumen.

With the PwC Professional in place, we now have one consistent roadmap to develop future leaders across the world – while also delivering results in a responsible, authentic, resilient, inclusive and passionate manner. We look forward to an inspiring year ahead.

Unlocking our potential

To be the number one professional services network, PwC needs the best talent. In FY 2014, our talent population grew 6% to more than 195,000 people. The largest percentage increase was in Asia, followed by the Middle East and Africa and South and Central America.

Of the 44,700 people who joined PwC, around 20,500 were experienced professionals and 20,000 were graduates. This is the first time since 2011 that we’ve hired more professionals than graduates.

We welcomed a record number of people to PwC, which is a testament to our reputation of offering exceptional opportunities for development and advancement.

PwC’s global presence remains strong with local service offerings in 758 locations across 157 countries.

Graduate recruits

Over 20,000 graduates joined PwC in FY 2014, which makes us among the largest recruiters of graduates in the world. We are committed to attracting the best people to PwC and offering them first-class training and the best opportunity to develop their careers.

PwC is one of the most attractive organisations for graduates, as is demonstrated by student surveys around the world. We hold the top position in a number of key countries as the most attractive employer.

Global People Survey

This year, a record 76% of our people took part in our global survey – up from 73% last year. We conduct this survey every year to help us find out how our people feel about working at PwC and take the appropriate action.

The vast majority of the 145,417 people who completed the survey told us they are proud to work at PwC (81%) and would recommend PwC as a great place to work (71%).

78% said they have the opportunity to work on challenging assignments that contribute to their development.

We continue to see a positive response in the area of corporate responsibility. 75% of our people said that PwC is an inclusive work environment where individual differences are respected, and 77% that PwC is taking the appropriate action to be socially responsible.

The percentage who feel that the people they work for are considerate of their life outside work has increased by just one point to 62%. This is an area we will continue to work on in the year ahead.

International mobility

With offices in 157 countries and a strong international mobility programme, we are able to pull together teams of diverse skills and backgrounds to solve important problems for clients, while developing our people through these experiences.

At 30 June 2014, a total of 2,420 PwC people were on long-term international assignments, with increased participation from 112 countries.

For our overall programme, the total number of new international assignments was up 12% from last year, mostly driven by improved economic conditions and increased talent needs in a number of our larger firms.

We continue to enhance the strategic vision of our international mobility programme: to invest in immediate and future mobility experiences that inspire and enable our people to deliver quality services to our clients and each other – as a seamless network.

We expect to see a greater evolution of the different forms of international mobility opportunities for our people, whether assignees, commuters or travellers – creating flexibility in how we can meet the needs of our clients and enable the development of our PwC professionals across the world.