Network leadership

PwCIL governance bodies

Network Leadership Team

The Network Leadership Team (NLT) sets the overall strategy for the PwC network and the standards to which PwC firms agree to adhere.

The NLT is made up of the Chairman of the PwC network; the senior partners of the US, the UK and China member firms; and a fifth member appointed by the Board, currently the senior partner of PwC Germany. The Chairman of the PwC network and the fifth member may serve on the NLT for a maximum of two terms of four years each in their respective capacities. The terms of the other NLT members are limited by the arrangements in their respective firms. The NLT typically meets monthly and on further occasions as required.

Strategy Council

The Strategy Council, which is made up of senior partners of the largest PwC firms and regions, agrees the strategic direction of the network and facilitates alignment for the execution of strategy. The Strategy Council meets on average four times a year.

Network Executive Team

The Network Executive Team is appointed by, and reports to, the Network Leadership Team. Its members are responsible for leading teams drawn from network firms to coordinate our activities across all areas of our business.

Global Board

The Board, which consists of 18 elected members, is responsible for the governance of PwCIL, oversight of the Network Leadership Team and approval of network standards. The Board does not have an external role. Board members are elected every four years by partners from all PwC firms. The current board, with members from 13 countries, took up office in April 2013.

Board members may serve a maximum of two terms of four years each. The Board meets four times a year and on further occasions as required.

Network Leadership Team

Dennis Nally - Chairman

Bob Moritz - United States

Ian Powell - United Kingdom

Norbert Winkeljohann - Germany

Silas Yang - China

Strategy Council Members

Dennis Nally - Chairman

Kyung-Tae Ahn - Korea

Fernando Alves - Brazil

Hani Ashkar - Middle East

Ezio Bassi - Italy

Bernard Gainnier - France

Olga Grygier-Siddons - Central and Eastern Europe

Urs Honegger - Switzerland

Suresh Kana - Africa Central and Southern Africa

Deepak Kapoor - India

Carlos Mas - Spain

Bill McFarland - Canada

Carlos Mendez - Mexico

Bob Moritz - United States

Peter Nyllinge - Sweden

Ian Powell - United Kingdom

Luke Saye - Australia

Hiroyuki Suzuki - Japan

Peter van Mierlo - Netherlands

Norbert Winkeljohann - Germany

Silas Yang - China

Yeoh Oon Jin - Singapore

Network Executive Team

Richard Collier-Keywood - Vice Chairman

Mike Burwell - Transformation

Colm Kelly - Operations

Juan Pujadas - Advisory

Javier Rubinstein - General Counsel

Richard Sexton - Assurance

Rick Stamm - Tax

Robert Swaak - Clients and Markets

Nora Wu - Human Capital

PwCIL Board (Global Board)

John Maxwell - Chairman

Håvard Abrahamsen - Norway

Noël Albertus - France

Tom Archer - United States

Clive Bellingham - Switzerland

Hein Boegman - Africa Central and Southern Africa

Brian Cullinan - United States

Ruud Dekkers - Netherlands

John Farina - United States

Simon Friend - United Kingdom

Patricia Gonzalez - Mexico

Michael Happell - Australia

Paul Kepple - United States

Gerry Lagerberg - United Kingdom

Gino Scapillati - Canada

Christoph Schreiber - Germany

Richard Sun - China

Matt Wyborn - Japan