Sharpen your Leadership Skills

My GP uses a blended-learning approach to help you become the best leader and 'you' you can be. This means a carefully and purposefully designed mix of virtual and face-to-face curriculum. The virtual portion takes advantage of PwC-approved learning technologies and seeks to mirror the way you work today and, more importantly, the way you'll work in the future. The residential curriculum includes deep self-discovery, trust-building and high performance team-building curriculum.

Strategic projects are an over-arching, crucial, teaming element of the programme through which much of your learning is delivered and put into practise. During all stages of My GP, you'll receive real-time coaching and feedback, enabling your personal transformation as a future leader.

The 10-month My GP programme curriculum is divided into four distinct stages that build on the learning of the previous stage.

You'll kick off your leadership development journey in the virtual Engage Stage, gaining a full understanding of what's required of you and others to get the most value from the My GP programme. During this stage, you'll also complete a series of in-depth, leadership diagnostics that form the foundation of your unique Individual Development Plan (IDP).

In the Trust Stage, you'll attend the 7-day initial residential session, which is the first of two programme residential sessions. This stage focuses on forming relationships and building trust with your classmates, the My GP Faculty, your coaches and strategic project teams. Aside from the initial residential session, the majority of your learning during this stage is delivered through Spark. Strategic project work begins at this stage as well, as does coaching and developmental feedback.

The Stretch Stage, the pinnacle of this crucible experience, will see you on-site at the second residential session of the programme. This 4.5-week leg of your journey is where you'll deepen your relationships and trust, become more aware of your leadership self and step out of your comfort zone through challenging experiences and activities. You'll also be finalising your strategic project during this stage and presenting your recommendations to your project sponsors.

The final stage of the programme is the virtual Empower Stage. Perhaps the most important stage of the programme, it's during this stage where you'll take full ownership of your leadership transformation, making it real for your teams, clients, profession and community. This stage is where you'll also accelerate the application of the learnings from your strategic project, bringing value to your home territory and LoS.

Strategic projects are a key learning experience at My GP. Projects are commissioned by PwC’s global, regional or industry sector leaders and explore a variety of strategically significant issues which PwC needs to consider – across the short, medium and longer terms. They relate directly to the strategy of PwC, which means they're real projects with real Network impact and real relevance.

Strategic projects are a catalyst to helping you develop as a leader and your ability to think ‘big picture.' They help you lead and be part of a high performing team, encourage you to form a point of view and to live and role model the PwC Experience.

When you return home to your territory and Business Unit, you’ll have the opportunity to share your learnings from the Strategic project in the Empower stage and apply those elements that are relevant to your local strategic priorities.

eal-time coaching is an integral part of the My GP programme and is key to your personal transformation. This coaching opportunity of a lifetime is distinctive and based on global best practises. What this means for you is development coaching that is holistic, strengths-based, business-focused and grounded in accurate and timely feedback. Whether formal and structured or informal and in-the-moment, you'll receive coaching on an individual, team and peer basis.

Specifically, you'll receive coaching and feedback from:

  • A Partner Coach (PC)--from your home practise--who will help you build your Individual Development Plan (IDP), which you'll use as the foundation for your unique My GP development experience. Following the programme, your PC will help you execute your broader 3 - 5 year career plan.
  • An Executive Coach (EC) who will focus on providing regular, open and insightful feedback around your strengths and areas for development, facilitating coaching conversations between you and your Partner Coach, and supporting you through all transition periods of My GP.
  • A Team Coach, who will work with you and your strategic project team on team dynamics.
  • A Project Mentor, who will work with your team on the content and output of your assigned project.
  • Peer Coaches--your project team members--who will provide on-going and timely feedback throughout your working time together.

The My GP learning enablers fuel your leadership transformation and play out in every element of your development experience. They drive your personal learning strategy and will empower you as you develop and lead others in the future.

Intellectual Curiosity: Discovering a different way of being and thinking, and investing your time and energy into learning more about people, places, things and concepts.

Storytelling: Learning how to thoughtfully and strategically craft stories, as well as how to interpret the stories of others.

Reflection: Stopping and pausing to enhance and deepen your learning.

Environment: Understanding how to benefit from and be inspired by the space you're in as much as from the practical learning you'll experience.

Coaching and Feedback: Focusing on strengths-based philosophies and techniques best suited to accelerate your development and transformation.

Culture: Understanding cultures other than your own in a way that benefits you as a future global leader. Learning in a way that is vibrant, fun, stimulating and fascinating. Speaking in a way that is grateful and appreciative. Working in a way that is both energised and energising.

Challenge: Learning through real, intensive work, not role play.

Personal Learning Strategy: Using the above learning enablers to create an individualized plan for your career, and bringing intention to executing it throughout and beyond the My GP programme.