Connect and Build Relationships

Your My GP journey will be one of the most rewarding development treks of your professional and personal lives. It'll also be one of the toughest. After all, the programme's destination is about taking "the road less travelled*" toward self-discovery, pushing the limits of what you think possible and exploring the ways in which you'll lead in the future. It's about challenging you--intellectually, physically and emotionally--and helping you find the path to that unique place where you create the greatest value and make the biggest difference…across every aspect of your life.

That may sound a bit daunting, but your journey isn't one you'll traverse alone. The community you'll have around you will likely be one of the most extensive and far-reaching you've ever been part of.

*The My GP programme finds inspiration from numerous sources, including Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"

The relationships you'll build with your classmates (approximately 40 - 50 others from across the network) will sustain you throughout the rest of your career. Historically, My GP classes become very tight-knit communities who stay deeply connected and continue to collaborate long after the programme ends. Your classmates will be a significant resource for you, supporting your on-going growth and providing new and innovative business solutions for your clients when you need it. What you'll learn from the stories and experiences you share with each other, both during and after the programme, will be an invaluable source of cultural knowledge, mentoring and inspiration.

You'll also build lasting relationships with the My GP Faculty team whose singular goal is to accelerate your professional and personal transformation as PwC's leadership legacy. To do so, they'll lead you through each stage of the My GP 10-month experience as well as help you transition from one stage to another.

The My GP Faculty team are all high-performing PwC professionals from around the network with extensive subject matter expertise across a wide range of areas: business strategy, Partner/leadership development, coaching, delivering value to clients, learning technologies, living the PwC Experience.

Throughout your My GP journey, you'll have the opportunity to meet, network with and learn from global, cluster and territory leaders. Whether LoS/Business Unit /Industry Leader or Territory Senior Partner, they come to My GP to share the stories of their own road to leadership. Often deeply personal accounts, you'll find their experiences, insights and knowledge of navigating the network both inspirational and aspirational.

By participating in the programme, you'll immediately become part of the larger My GP alumni network, which is now more than 1,000 strong. With an instant connection through the experience you share, you'll find benefit in and learn from the inherent relationship you'll have with members of this community as well.

And just as you will, My GP alumni have gone on to make a significant impact on our business, for our clients and in their communities. The programme alumni are a vast network to draw upon as well when seeking better solutions, commercial advice or global perspectives for your clients.