Changing business opportunities: Executive perspectives from the conference

Play videoPhillip Crawley, The Globe and Mail. Publishing Rebooted.
Play videoRick Doman, EACOM Timber Corporation. Finding new markets in the old world.
Play videoRobert Johnson, Eurasia Group. Looking ahead in a G-zero world.
Play videoAvrim Lazar, Forest Products Association of Canada. Working together to find new value.
Play videoJoe Nemeth, Canfor Pulp Products Inc. Telling the new story of the forest industry.
Play videoJosé Penido, Fibria Celulose. A green brazil, now and for the future.
Play videoDavid Walker, Kauri Capital. Asian investing, investing in Asia.
Play videoChad Wasilenkoff, Fortress Paper Ltd. Market innovation for long-term growth.
Play videoTom Wright, Hawkins Wright Ltd. Understanding shifting global pulp market.

Publishing Rebooted

Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail, describes the confidence in the power of print and the commitment to quality content that lies behind his newspaper’s new and reinvigorated brand.

Finding new markets in the old world

Rick Doman, President and CEO of EACOM Timber Corporation, discusses factors that make Northern Europe and the UK attractive markets for the higher-end wood products from eastern North American forest companies.

Looking ahead in a G-zero world

Robert Johnson, Director, Global Energy and Natural Resources of the Eurasia Group describes the geopolitical ramifications of a “G-zero” world—where the declining influences of the G-8 have yet to be replaced by the rising influence of emerging international powers.

Working together to find new value

Avrim Lazar, President and CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada, discusses the collaboration between environmental agencies and forest companies that led to the groundbreaking Boreal Forest Agreement.

Telling the new story of the forest industry

Joe Nemeth, President and CEO of Canfor Pulp Products Inc. dispels the myth of forestry being a sunset industry by describing the opportunities available to young people looking for a challenging, rewarding and sustainable career.

A green Brazil, now and for the future

José Penido, Chairman of the Board of Fibria Celulose, discusses the role of biotechnology in meeting the world’s growing need for fibre, food and fuel, and the responsibilities of international agencies in regulating its increasing application.

Asian investing, investing in Asia

David Walker, Managing Director of Kauri Capital describes the entrepreneurial companies, high-growth markets and investment strategies prevalent in the Asian forest and paper industry.

Market innovation for long-term growth

Chad Wasilenkoff, CEO and Founder of Fortress Paper Ltd. comments that innovation is the only thing that will allow the forest industry to survive. The days of making lots of commodities are over. Today, the forest and paper companies must look to more innovative value-added products.

Understanding shifting global pulp market

Tom Wright, Director of Hawkins Wright Ltd. reviews the changes in production capacity, the shifting centres of supply and demand, and the pricing pressures within the global pulp markets.