Securing the talent to succeed

There is a huge gap between financial services organisations' growth aspirations and the availability of talent in key growth locations to make this possible. Most organisations are relying on needlessly costly and unsustainable short-term responses. Securing the talent to succeed looks at the smart way to make sure your business has the right people, with the right skills, in the right places to realise your goals.

The key to meeting objectives and responding to opportunities more quickly and decisively than competitors is a durable workforce plan, along with the analytical systems, talent mapping and organisational co-ordination needed to make these plans effective. Key competitive benefits include a more cost-effective and precisely targeted approach to international assignments and the improved ability to attract, retain and make the most of talent in increasingly competitive growth markets.


Videos: Securing the talent to succeed

John Terry, PwC

Ed Donovan, PwC

Debra Eckersley, PwC