Project Blue: Making sense of an uncertain future

Disruption to long-established business models is the one clear certainty the future holds. But does the shake-up in the financial services sector and its markets present an opportunity or a threat to your business? That's the key question.

Project Blue is a framework for assessing the various drivers of change and their implications. It helps you judge what areas of your strategy require a rethink or whether you may need to reinvent your organisation altogether.

As part of Project Blue:

  • We’re producing a range of FS-wide and sector-specific evaluations of the transformational developments ahead.
  • Global and country-focused papers draw on the perspectives of industry leaders and PwC’s network around the world - and bring together a huge amount of research into the forces shaping the global economy, customer expectations and government policy.

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Financial services

A look at adapting to global instability and riding the waves of change in the insurance, asset management, banking and capital markets sectors.

A Chinese translation of the main report of how insurance, asset management, banking and capital markets businesses can adapt to global instability and ride the waves of change in their sectors

Retail Banking 2020: Evolution or Revolution

Powerful forces are reshaping the banking industry, creating an imperative for change. Banks need to chose what posture they want to adopt - to lead the change, to follow fast, or to manage for the present. Whatever their chosen strategy, leading banks will need to balance execution against 6 critical priorities and have a clear sense of the posture they wish to adopt. However, each of them is important, and success will come from a balanced execution across these priorities – and a balance of tactical initiatives and longer-term programs, all coming together as an integrated whole.

South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East (SAAAME)

The rapid increase in trade between fast growth emerging markets is one of the most far-reaching developments facing financial services organisations worldwide. The Point of View looks at how they can follow their clients into new markets and make the most of the commercial potential

SAAAME country companion reports


Asset Management

To help asset managers prepare for the future, we have considered the likely changes in the asset management industry landscape over the coming years and identified key gamechangers which will impact the competitive environment.


This research study reviews the sweeping changes across social, technological, environmental, economic and political perspectives, providing the knowledge to evaluate scenarios of maximum relevance for clients’ insurance businesses.


How are you operating in the New Normal? Future trends for the FS industry from a Tax perspective

How are you operating in the New Normal? - FS industry perspectives from the Global Tax Leaders meeting in 2012

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