Islamic finance practice

Islamic finance is a force to be reckoned with in today's global economy. Operating on the principles of Islamic law (Shariah), the Islamic value propositions, among others, prohibit interest (riba) and hold that business conduct should be on the basis of sharing profit and risk.

Islamic finance is a regular feature of today’s international financial world, at the government-to-government as well as the private sector level. The value of assets managed by Islamic banks is forecast to grow by 33% to $1 trillion by 2010.

At PwC, we have a dedicated Islamic Finance practice concentrated in Malaysia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.


How PwC is assisting Islamic financial services organisations

Our Islamic Finance practice stands at the forefront of Islamic finance and banking development. Our clients in the Islamic financial services sector include local, regional and international banks, Takaful (Islamic insurance) operators, real estate investment trusts, mutual funds and major regulators and regulatory bodies.


Islamic finance publications