How do you manage your business?

How do you manage your business?

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A European Corporate performance management survey

Business leaders today are forced to focus even more on the profitability of their business. Companies are looking to improve the quality of management information while at the same time having to process an increased amount of data. Therefore, management is looking for more focused, complete, accurate and current information that can be delivered efficiently and decisions have to be made quicker and be backed by reliable facts more than ever before.

In this environment, it is rather surprising that the many companies are spending more than three (some up to six) months a year on planning activities and only a third have implemented strategy maps to align reporting objectives.

A new European-wide survey has found that there is still room for improvement and many organisations’ perceived value gained from their Performance Management systems is often higher than what is actually delivered.

Find out how to overcome the obstacles to getting the most from your performance management systems.