Policy advice

Policy makers require insights into the implications of key policies and wider economic trends on their current and future strategies. Based on our knowledge of the way Government operates, our multidisciplinary teams work at the interface between departments and the private sector.

PwC combines a wide range of policy and economics skills with experience in public sector work to provide insights into key government policy issues such as sustainability, economic development and regeneration. With a thorough knowledge of the way governments operate, our multidisciplinary teams also work at the interface between government departments and the private sector. We support clients through all stages of the policy lifecycle, from research, options reviews and feasibility studies to policy evaluation.

Potential issues

  • The need to analyse and research an organisation’s environment to aid strategy and policy formulation and resource allocation
  • The need for independent, objective appraisal and evaluation of policy options and programmes
  • The need to understand a range of future scenarios against which to test the sensitivity and feasibility of your chosen plans
  • The need to understand the competition and regulatory implications for your chosen policies
  • The need to assess corporate social responsibility (CSR), social impact and sustainability issues, and associated policymaking
  • The need to measure the economic impact of an organisation

PwC services


  • Policy development advice
  • Option identification and appraisal
  • Feasibility & evaluation studies


  • Macro-economics advice
  • Market and demand analysis and modelling/forecasting
  • Surveys and market research


  • Development economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Sustainability policy

Survey and Market Research

We offer survey and market research services through our in-house international survey unit of some 40 market research consultants.