HR services

Capacity building is amongst the highest priorities for Government and public sector organisations today. In a climate demanding improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, management needs to have the appropriate resources to deliver its goals and to know the capabilities available.

PwC can help the European Union Institutions in their capacity building efforts by focusing on people, projects and change. We offer a wide range of services and skills to assist clients across the whole of the public sector.

Potential issues

  • Drivers for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Delivery of projects and programmes, often involving significant change
  • Improving the effectiveness of HR services to employees whilst also reducing costs
  • Capacity building and HR policy development and implementation
  • A shortage of the right skills in the organisation
  • A need for advice on best practice and benchmarking

PwC services

PwC offers a range of services across the specialities of HR, people performance and change management, including, where appropriate, advice on:

  • Benchmarking human capital
  • HR change management
  • Diversity
  • HR effectiveness
  • HR transformation
  • Organisation design
  • Pay modernisation
  • People performance management
  • Reward
  • Resourcing
  • Talent management & professional skills
  • Training & management development