Audit and assurance services

The European Union Institutions are under pressure to demonstrate value for money in their use of public resources.

PwC can provide the assurance that comes from an independent and objective review, and can make constructive recommendations for improvements. We may also review aspects of an organisation’s activities for value for money as part of an internal audit appointment.

PwC has over 25 years’ experience in providing audit and assurance services to the public sector. In addition, we also have a significant number of clients in the education, housing and voluntary sectors all over Europe.

To support our client work, we play a key role on public sector technical committees and contribute to the development of accounting and auditing in the sectors in which we work. In Internal Audit, we have a track record of successful partnerships with consortia and internal audit teams. Our risk management services provide assurance that systems are operating effectively, within a well-controlled environment.

We are experienced in the development of non-financial reporting, helping our clients respond to the drive for better governance and sustainability. We also offer due diligence services, reviewing bodies prior to a change in status, or working on their behalf to investigate or review contractor issues.

Potential issues

  • Concerns over possible inefficiencies in services
  • Ensuring that performance management arrangements properly cover value for money
  • A lack of the necessary specialist skills in the internal audit department to undertake a value for money audit
  • Getting value for money from contractor, partner or sponsor organisations
  • Auditing or independent review of externally reported financial and other information
  • Complying with regulations and audit committee or corporate governance requirements
  • The need for an increased awareness of prospective accounting and regulatory changes
  • A need for risk assurance services
  • Advice on risk management and process management
  • Ensuring that internal audit functions are effective and, where needed, supplementing in-house teams with specialist skills and resources
  • Achieving efficiency and value for money, both internally and from external partners
  • Carrying out due diligence reviews internally or of contractors

PwC services

  • Value for money and best value reviews
  • Reviewing arrangements for performance management and value for money
  • Supporting internal audit, or internal audit partnerships
  • Statutory audit and specified procedures reviews
  • Assurance on compliance with regulations or with corporate governance requirements
  • Internal audit outsourcing, partnership arrangements and advisory services
  • Risk management consulting
  • Risk assurance services
  • Value for money reviews
  • Due diligence reviews of public sector bodies or their contractors
  • Advising on accounting treatments in respect of complex transactions
  • Providing newsletters and tailored advice and training on accounting and corporate governance developments