Extracting maximum value from your entertainment and media operations.

Digital technology cuts both ways.

On the one hand, digital distribution is the great enabler, linking you to potentially unlimited consumer households and devices. On the other hand, it’s the great equalizer—linking your competitors to those very same people and screens.

The truth is, for traditional entertainment and media platforms, digital content and platforms are eroding advertising revenue, average revenue per user (ARPU), and profit margins—this while the industry is still in recovery mode from several years of downturn and low growth in certain territories.

What’s more, with the plethora of digital marketing alternatives and the rapidly developing behaviour of digital consumers, the media buying process has become vastly more complex.

How can you address these fast-changing conditions?

We can help you improve your margins by focusing on finance effectiveness, cost containment and treasury management strategies. We can also help optimise your talent and HR practices.

If you’re involved with advertising, as either a buyer or seller of services, we can help you make well-informed media decisions in real time, get the budgeting and planning process right, pull value from marketing budgets, reallocate spending across geographies and brands to maximise impact, and streamline analytics to increase your agility in the marketplace.

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