Talent: Seeking quality, loyalty and mobility

For entertainment and media companies, it truly is all about talent.

But not just the talent on the screen or in your headphones. This is one industry that relies disproportionately on talent—and its companion, relationships—for success. And, according to our 2011 CEO Survey, the biggest talent concern for entertainment and media leaders is the quality, loyalty and mobility of their workforce.

Just as the global economic picture has changed dramatically, talent strategies must also pivot to face faster-growing markets, reflect the developing digital value chain, and recognise the markedly different priorities of a new generation of workers.

And since this tech savvy generation is in many cases closer to the emerging media consumption patterns than its more senior colleagues, attracting and retaining these coveted-yet-fickle workers requires a sophisticated approach—one that goes beyond simple salary, and focuses more on training and emotional engagement.

We have the knowledge, experience and rigorous data to help you optimise your entire workforce’s loyalty and performance through compensation, training programmes and other incentives. Because we understand that the truest measure of your talent’s effectiveness, beyond static data points such as productivity, is its degree of engagement with your mission.

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