Global entertainment and media outlook: 2013-2017

Welcome PwC's 14th annual Global entertainment and media outlook provides comprehensive consumer and advertising spend data to 2017. The Outlook is accessed online by thousands of executives across the media, technology, communications, retail and financial services sectors, and by some of the largest advertisers in the world.

Get an insight into our forecasts and industry trends for 2013-2017, take a tour of the Outlook's extensive online functionality, and find out which subscription option suits you best, all via these pages.
What is the Outlook? PwC's 14th annual update of the online Global entertainment and media outlook is a consistent, comprehensive online source of global analysis for consumer and advertising spend. With like-for-like, 5-year historical and forecast data across 13 industry segments in 50 countries, the Outlook makes it easy to compare and contrast regional growth rates and consumer and advertising spend.

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Industry trends The trends we are seeing in the entertainment and media industry continue to be largely shaped by consumer and advertising spend, as spend shifts between print and digital formats, fixed and mobile consumption, and developed and developing markets. Explore how the changing patterns in spending will shape industry trends to 2017 and how consumers, advertisers, content creators and digital distributors are responding to these trends.

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Macro data insights The Outlook is a source of rich insight into the future shape of the E&M industry, for both geographical and segment growth stories. Find out where this year's big stories lie, what the big picture is for E&M growth prospects, key industry tipping points, and the explosive growth stories that are changing the face of the industry.

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Outlook highlights: A video snapshot Which entertainment and media markets are growing fast? Where will consumers and advertisers spend their cash, and what is driving their spending? What are consumers telling us they want? How do entertainment and media businesses stay relevant? Being able to answer these questions will help shape products and services, and business and operational models that will help ensure your business remains relevant. Phil Stokes, EMEA entertainment and media leader, provides answers drawing on findings from the Global entertainment and media outlook.
Segment data insights The Outlook covers thirteen individual industry segments in its analysis and forecasts for advertising and consumer spend across 50 countries. Visit these pages for a snapshot of each segment, where you’ll find details of how we define the market along with insights into selected tipping points.

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Subscribe Whether you're looking for access to the full data and analysis for 13 industry segments, prefer to subscribe to individual segments, or want to explore industry and segment trends in the Outlook insights publication, find your options for 12-month individual and corporate subscriptions here.

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