Digital transformation

You don’t need anyone to tell you the rules have changed—and irreversibly so. Digital transformation has drilled down to the roots of every subsector of the media and entertainment industry. And in many instances the content itself—the product—is now digital through most (and increasingly, all) of its lifecycle, whether the final output is digital or traditional.

Advertisers are focusing as well on using digital platforms and online tools to engage with and measure ever-changing behaviour of consumers who are more sophisticated about their use of technology than ever before.

In this industry more than any other, therefore, embracing a strategic, forward-looking digital business model is critical to survival—and success. The profound transformation that has gripped the media and entertainment landscape presents you with challenges, risks and opportunities as never before.

Because we know the entertainment & media industry inside out, we understand the challenges you are facing. We’re here to help you manage the tension between your traditional business and stakeholder goals and your need to be nimble in adapting to the fast-changing digital world.

We can help you:

  • Optimise the value of your digital assets by managing content portfolios across platforms and business units.
  • Sustain and strengthen profitable consumer relationships by analysing consumer data for addressable content and advertising, using business intelligence solutions.
  • Select the right IT systems, operations, structures, and processes to support the successful execution of your digital strategies.
  • Lower costs through sophisticated content supply chain and physical distribution solutions, including alternate systems such as cloud.
  • Grow your online platform, while controlling for the many new security and execution risks that can damage your brand.

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