Deal pitfalls by territory

Explore the root causes of why deals fail in growth economies. Our analysis of each BRIC territory identifies which are the most prevalent risks and will help you understand how to mitigate them.

Heatmap: The root causes of failed deals across BRIC

  China Russia India Brazil Av.
Justifying valuations
Transparency of financial information
Non-compliant business practices
Negotiation and contracting difficulties
Partnering conflicts
Government interference
Post completion people issues

Greater than average +0.5 x standard deviation
Within +/- 0.5 x STDV of average
Lower than average -0.5 x STDV

Note: Based on a sample of 240 failed deals across BRIC

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Getting on the Right Side of the Delta: A Deal-maker’s Guide to Growth Economies

This study explores how to reduce the chances of pre- and post-deal problems. It shows how to avoid doing bad deals, how to successfully complete on good deals, and how to make sure a good deal doesn’t turn bad after the deal trophy is on the shelf.

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