PwC is a global network of separate firms, owned and operating locally in countries around the world.

This structure provides PwC firms with the flexibility to operate simultaneously as the most local and the most global of businesses. Click here to find out more about how we’re structured, how we conduct business and govern ourselves. Corporate responsibility at PwC is similarly governed at global and local levels and it runs right to the top of local and Network leadership.

Responsibility for local corporate responsibility ultimately rests with each Territory Senior Partner. At the network level it is led by the Global Corporate Responsibility Board (GCRB), which is chaired by our Network Vice Chairman, Richard Collier-Keywood.

Our global corporate responsibility team works with local teams in each territory to provide support where required. These corporate responsibility representatives collaborate with their local colleagues and others in similar roles across the world.

For example, in PwC US, Green Teams have been formed to drive behaviour change among employees in the application of environmental best practices. Green Teams began to form in 2008 and there now are 35 in PwC US. Over 80% of employees in PwC US work in an office that has a Green Team.

Leading from the top, locally and globally

Global Corporate Responsibility Board (GCRB)

The GCRB comprises leaders from across the business, corporate responsibility leaders from our Network and PwC sustainability subject matter experts. In keeping with best practice, the board also includes an external independent advisor.

The Board comes together every quarter to review performance and provide governance, oversight, input and direction to PwC’s corporate responsibility global strategy in alignment with the overall business strategy and to be the forum for alignment across our network. The Board also plays an important role in reviewing and setting the direction of Network CR reporting.

The Board’s members are:
Richard Collier-Keywood  Network Vice Chairman (Chair)
Agnès Hussherr  Global Diversity Leader
Blair Sheppard  Global Strategy Leader
Bridget Jackson  CR Leader, UK
Jesus Diaz De la Hoz  CR Leader, Spain
Joanne Oswin  Operations Partner and CR Leader, China/HK region
Joao Cesar Lima  CR Leader, Brazil
Malcolm Preston  Global Leader for Sustainability
Mark Reading  CR Leader, Australia
Richard Sexton  Global Assurance Leader
Shannon Schuyler  CR Leader, US
Urs Honegger  PwC Switzerland Territory Senior Partner (CEO)
Will Day  Sustainability Advisor (external)