Diversity and inclusion

Be yourself.
Be different.
PwC, creating value through diversity


Building and maintaining resilient, long-lasting relationships between people with a mix of talents, experiences and backgrounds yields a multitude of benefits-for both PwC and its clients. We always focus on building a diverse and inclusive business. To succeed in our network-wide goal to be number one for talent, we have to attract, develop and retain highly-motivated men and women who can work with each other easily and effectively.

Our Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Network, includes members from PwC firms around the world who are influential partners and are subject matter experts with representation from across the Strategy Council members.

We’re encouraging open minds. At PwC we start from the simple premise that talent has no age, race or gender and is not ruled out by disability. Being open-minded means one can adjust to different types of working styles. Studies show that people make approximately 11 judgments within the first seven seconds of meeting someone new. We all have blindspots - we make assumptions (often unconsciously) that lead to conclusions that influence our behaviour. We can get things wrong. Blindspots are bad for business. Our UK firm developed and implemented ‘Open Mind’, a UK firm-wide training programme using innovative e-learning, video and face-to-face discussion sessions to help partners and staff reflect on how open minded they are. We are now launching a network-wide programme based on its success.

We’re creating career opportunities. Our Global Mobility Programme not only boosts the delivery of increasingly high-quality services to clients but also develops the cultural skills and international perspective of people across the PwC network.

We’re creating leaders. Genesis Park, established in 2001 is an accelerated leadership development programme that turns top talent Senior Managers/Directors into future global leaders. It focuses on expanding creativity, problem-solving skills and an aptitude for working across cultures through real work and real life experiences, supported by real-time coaching.

We’re creating better workplaces for our people, starting with an ethical framework that helps us maintain trust across the PwC network, supporting a culture that upholds integrity, objectivity, professional ethics and competence. We’re working with our people to build and promote diversity of thought, which goes beyond visible differences such as gender, race, and age. We’re signatories to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) principles on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Many PwC firms also support their people in several different ways to achieve work-life balance, and they also offer support for people’s own charity or community activities through programmes such as ‘matched giving’.

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