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Compared with last year, security spending over the next 12 months will:
How confident are you that your organization's information security activities are effective?
How confident are you that your partners'/suppliers' information security activities are effective?
What technology information security safeguards does your organization currently have in place?
Which of the following are included in your organization's security policy?
Does your organization have a security strategy in place for the following?
How many security incidents has your organization detected in the past 12 months?
What was the estimated source of security incidents?
How was your organization impacted by the security incidents?
What safeguards does your organization have in place to enhance awareness of security risks?
What business issues drive your company's information security spending?
Does your organization have a senior executive (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.) who proactively communicates the importance of information security to the entire organization?
What will your organization invest in over the next 12 months?
When taking action to improve the effectiveness of your organization's information security function, what are your greatest obstacles?
Does your organization formally collaborate with others in your industry, including competitors, to improve security and reduce the potential for future risks?



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